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How To Prevent a Dental Emergency – Austin, TX

Protecting Your Smile for the Future

Toothaches, knocked-out teeth, infections, busted lips – If you want to avoid these common dental emergencies, you may want to start thinking about taking proactive steps to safeguard your smile. So, what can you do? At MMS Family Dentistry, we believe in helping our patients be prepared, which is why we’ve compiled some helpful tips to ensure you are taking care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis. By following these simple suggestions, you can avoid a dental emergency and the time and costs that come with it. For additional questions, we invite you to contact our office.

Think About What Foods to Eat

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No matter if you love snacking on apples, hard candy, or even mindlessly chewing on pens and pencils, anything that is hard and/or crunchy can potentially be problematic for your teeth. Here’s why: When too much pressure is placed on your teeth, it can cause fractures, chips, and cracks to develop. Even if they appear small at first, they can quickly grow and lead to a necessary dental crown or root canal. Instead of opting for these hard food items and objects, choose softer, easier to eat items. If you struggle while at work not to reach for your nearby pen, leave a packet of sugarless gum in your desk. This is a great alternative that won’t damage your teeth or cause tooth decay!

Grant Your Smile Additional Protection

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Do you suffer from bruxism? Are your teeth slowly wearing down as a result of teeth grinding and clenching at night? Maybe it’s not this common nightly problem at all that is causing you to worry. What if it’s stepping out onto the football field and worrying that your teeth will get knocked out with one hard hit? No matter the problem, the one way to ensure your mouth is protected from grinding, clenching, or a sudden impact is to wear a custom-made mouthguard. We can provide you with one that fits comfortably in your mouth and protects you against excessive wear and tear, chronic jaw pain, and a potentially busted and bleeding smile.

Maintain Optimal Oral Hygiene

A middle-aged man inserting a protective mouthguard

If we recommend that brushing, flossing, and rinsing are great ways to protect your smile from a dental emergency, believe us. Each day, our team sees teeth and gums that are plagued by decay, disease, and damage. By taking the steps to care for your smile each morning and every night, you are decreasing your risk for future oral health problems as well as maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile that requires no immediate attention.

Also, apart from your normal routine, it is best if you keep your six-month dental checkups and appointments, too, since this will give us the opportunity to check for any signs of possible problems long before they turn into a dental emergency.

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